Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Bounty and Villain generator (ish)

The weaknesses in my generators are becoming apparent

A sample of the Bounty and Villain generator for Drier Deserts, Hotter Suns was posted in the OSR discord, and I figured I'd give it a whirl in the old generator. It highlighted a lot of issues; mostly formatting at this point. Solve formatting, and you can solve anything else I think.

Ignoring the dice roll (since we're rolling "behind the scenes"), it's clear that a single row will have issues portraying this information. Like, I'd prefer to have the output be something like this:
Swift 1
Tough 8
Bounty 4k
But that's not possible unless I split it into subtables -- so Dwarfish and Brawny would be in a table, there'd be a table for "Swift" and one for "Tough" and one for "Bounty." That said, it's fairly clear that the bounties are tied to the word; lower values of Swift and Tough means lower bounties. So, the "Word" could be split from the Swift/Tough part and be its own table, I guess.

Further issues appear when we add in the specialties:
 1-7 is easy, we just copy and paste the line 7 times to achieve that weighting. But, again, we'd like to format the result like so
Gun Specialist
Bounty 2k
Which, again, we can't. Yet. Anyway, here's the result of it.
As you can see, it's... okay, but lacking. I will prioritize formatting after I'm done with the sign-up functionality. I think the largest gain is to be had there. It would also be nice to have a function to sum up the bounties across the results, but that's ... soooo far away.

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